Pramod Parajuli

Welcome to my web-home.

I am Pramod Parajuli from Nepal, a beautiful himalayan country. I am a research scholar with focus on knowledge based approaches for problem solving via research and development of intelligent systems.

I have professional exposure in research and development of intelligent systems, consulting in enterprise information systems, and consulting & training in information security. I have provided services to academics, businesses and government organizations of Nepal in the time period of 2004-2011. I am also a practitioner of knowledge management for development and developmental leadership.

Currently, I am pursuing doctoral study at Innovation and Enterprise Research Laboratory, University of Technology, Sydney. Brief descriptions of my current activities are in my profile page and my reflections in my blog. Details of various projects, for research as well as business purposes, that I completed/in-progress are shared here. The findings of my research works are published for reviews and suggestions.

My hobbies are photography and travel. Here are links to media in relation to my activities.

Resources for research and other areas of interests that I would like to share with you are available here.

@ Basantapur Durbar Square, Kathmandu, Nepal

"A technocrat develops technology to enhance quality of human life, promotes it, and advocates for its proper use."